Quantum Realignment

Harmonizing your Health & energy Starts Now.

Health is a multisensory experience.

From the food we consume to the emotions we process, every aspect of our life is a sensory interaction that impacts our well-being. My approach begins with a fundamental insight: your senses are key to effective digestion, elimination, and overall vitality.

Through my tailored program, I empower you to reach your full potential by realigning your energetic, mental, and physical health on a quantum level.

Main Services

In-person & virtual sessions available

Quantum Nutrition + Digestion

  • Functional Lab Testing
  • Genetic Potential Testing
  • Personalized Epic-Genetic Action Plans
  • Health Empowerment

BESPOKE Tuning & Frequency Sessions

Realign and activate your frequencies on a quantum level with Ancient & Modern Science

  • 60-Minute Tuning & Frequency Activations
  • 120-Minute Custom Tuning & Frequency Alignment Sessions
  • 3-Session Bundle: Reposition Your Quantum Compass

My Unique Approach to Epigenetics and Stress Resiliency

Your Quantum Realignment journey goes beyond addressing symptoms. In our work together, we will dive deep into the science of epigenetics and stress resiliency, unlocking your body’s potential to heal and thrive. By understanding how your environment, lifestyle, and mental state influence your genetic expression, I empower you to reshape your health destiny.

My approach combines two key components that empower you to achieve optimal health: tuning and frequency alignment and functional nutrition.

Harmonizing and Activating

Your Energy

Incorporating the principles of Quantum Biology, I help to balance and harmonize the energy fields in and around your body through tuning and frequency alignment. This unique practice ensures that your environment supports your journey to wellness, offering a profound and often overlooked dimension of health.

Some key features of this practice include:

Aligning your energetic, mental, and physical frequencies to optimize digestion and nutrition

Tuning in to your senses to better process information and frequencies you encounter

Releasing old frequencies and blocks that prevent you from receiving and digesting properly

I provide custom tuning and frequency alignment sessions that are tailored to your unique situation and needs. Additionally, I offer condensed frequency activation sessions that focus on either energizing or calming your nervous system while aligning your frequencies.

Client Feedback

WOW. Jamie is a magician. I’ve worked with her for years and received so much healing around my health and sleep. Then the other day I went in for my custom tuning and frequency appointment and it was so impactful. I left feeling lightweight and cleared. I’m in the middle of a large transition in life and she again helped me steer my path and find grounding. I”m already excited for my next tuning!


“The multiple session yoga nidra package with Jamie was life changing for me. After each session I noticed changes in my mindset and actions. Each time I felt more empowered and connected with myself. I slowly regained my confidence and voice. I feel much more grounded and flexible after her sessions. I learned to be in the flow of life, and with that came so much peace of mind.

I’ve struggled over the last six years with an autoimmune condition and unbalanced hormones. I’ve worked through various protocols to help me heal. They all made me feel significantly better but for some reason I could never cross the finish line of putting my autoimmune in remission. The yoga nidra sessions helped me unlock my mind and communicate to my body it’s ok to heal. I now know the importance of being mentally ready to receive the benefits the other practices (diet, exercise, and supplements) were trying to offer me. I am now consciously choosing to heal.”


I’ve been seeing Jamie for a few months now, and it has been the absolute best decision I’ve ever made. She looks at all of my symptoms, lifestyle, etc. HOLISTICALLY, and tailors everything to my unique self--custom supplements, custom lab tests, and custom energetic-mental-physical work. Every session, she cheers me on and keeps me focused on my health goals. She’s very responsive via the online journaling and ACTUALLY pays attention to how I’m feeling, more than any of the specialists and doctors I’ve seen in the past have. I wouldn’t want any other practitioner guiding me along this health journey! All of her programs are 100% worth it.

- Mary

Client Feedback

I am so glad I embarked on an 8 month journey with Jamie this past year as my health has improved so much and I was really at my end with trying to get support. I had invested so much into functional doctors and supplements but I was shooting in the dark, until I met Jamie and within the first 2 weeks I saw an improvement, the first in years. There were moments that were tough, however Jamie held me through all the way, with so much tender love and support. The most amazing thing is that I have learnt SO much from her as she is a wealth of wisdom and knowledge - in fact I could go as far as to say that I have never met anyone who has such a breadth of knowledge in her area of expertise which spans across all health and wellness, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. I will recommend her to the world, everyone needs a Jamie, even if you think you're well, there's always something you can fine tune - to become the best version of yourself! Thank you Jamie, you are a gift to this world and I love you very much.


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Quantum Biology

Energetics of healing

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